Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Kicking around in Kickers

Do you remember your first pair of kickers? I certainly do! I must have been around 8 years old, my mother took me to London to buy some shoes, the hustle and the bustle of the big city filled me with excitement and with the anticipation of new shoes, I was feeling that life couldn't get much better.

I was always one for choosing shoes that I liked as opposed to shoes that were comfy and it was my poor mother who would suffer the consequences when new shoes were bought and then weeks of complaining the might feet hurt, that I was getting blisters and that I couldn't possible wear them anymore. It is only now that I have my 3 children do I understand the frustration. Sadly what goes around comes around and my eldest has inherited this trait from me.

However on the wonderful day we walked into the shop and it was as if I had a calling! There was on the shelf a pair of shoes that stole my heart. They were cool, they were funky, they were the ONLY pair I would try on! The shoe of course was a Kicker! I remember them so well infact I think they are the only pair of shoes I remember from my childhood and memories of them still feel me with pleasure! The Kicker was blue leather but it was the sole that had stolen my heart. It was bumpy and curvey and wavey and I ran my fingers up and down the sole and then found the green and red markings that adorned each foot so I would know my left from my right! Genius I thought. They were also camoflaged in blue so no girly stuff here, which was even better and the best part was that they did fit and they were comfy and there would be NO complaining ever again. My mother to my delight and hers too I think, purchased them for me and at the same time gave me a lasting childhood memory!

When my first child was old enough for proper shoes it was always going to be a pair of Kickers and to my delight the range they had on offer was just perfect, the colours from brown to pink to purple to red and many more would satisfy any colour specifications demanded by any toddler. For mums they are superb as we know how long they last, these iconic shoes are built for comfort and practicality.

Now my little boy has just turned 3 and wow was I stunned, amazed and so excited when I saw that LEGO and KICKERS had teamed up to make an entirely fabulous shoe for children. They look great, they are hard wearing, they have LEGO on them, how can you beat that! He loves them, I love them, everyone who sees them wants them. Kickers I have to hand to you my absolute seal of approval! You make shoes fun, you makes shoes funky and fashionable and you'll be making memories with these too.

Great for a Christmas Present for any child, they are just simply great fun hardwearing shoes that will get your little ones kicking around with the best of them!

Just in good time to how about a little money off from Kickers too.

Spend over £50 and save 10% or spend over £75 and save 20%. There is also free delivery until December 31 2009

Monday, 30 November 2009

10 FOR 10

The 4th of December for the last 10 years has been a very cherished date. It was the day my Husband and I married. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone and continue to be thankful for having him by my side day and night. He is my rock and my world. Since our wedding day 10 years ago we have managed to produce 3 beautiful children and I hope a happy home, it's not always been easy but it is at this time of year that I reflect and think back to that wonderful day so with that in mind this week we will be celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary. It's tin this year, we always stick to the traditional gifts which can sometimes be a challenge but funnily enough this year I've found some lovely ideas to choose from! So while I reminisce about our 10 years of marriage here are a few tinny ideas from the luxurious to the practical, but I know that each one will put a smile on his or my face!

Tins can be full of exquisite delights and this is also something rather special, so we'll start with Caviar or perhaps these fun sardines a little less expensive and just a little bit of fun.

For perfectly kissable lips all day how about a tin of this for her. Or if you have been waiting all day light this Blush Candle in a tin. It will set the mood and it smells divine and last for hours.

Tick Tock Tick Tock the years have been ticking away so why not
celebrate with this beautiful tin clock. Or how about a keepsake tin to cherish for your darling, a special place to keep all of your precious memories.

This tin and diamond heart pendent may just be the ticket from
South Crofty Collection and to have found a piece of jewellery made from tin, shows you have gone to a lot of effort so you'll be scoring big brownie points here!

Let him open his letters in style with the beautiful letter opener although
it's Pewter you can get away with it for 10 years as it is 92% tin and that's good enough for me!

If your husband is anything like mine a Biscuit Tin that looks stylish and can be filled with his favourites will without a doubt put a cheeky grin on his face.

And finally as it's all about the love this beautiful hanging heart will remind you of your love for each other as it hangs in your home!



We're getting very festive here at MyWishWand so we've put together a little Christmas Spelling Test full of goodies all available from MyWishWand, to add to a wishlist or just to be inspired with little touches of festive fun.

Give us a C - Give us an H - Give us an R - Give us an I - Give us an S - Give us a T - Give us a M Give us an A - Give us a S what do we get CHRISTMAS

C is for Cherub and these are just beautiful what a pretty way to Light your home
H is for Holly and the holly on these make them a truly beautiful Christmas Card
R is for Reindeer and these will make for truly spectacular Place Settings
I is for Icicle and these are perfect to set a truly festive feeling
S is for Sledging down snow clad hills
T is for Trees and this one is truly unique
M is for Mistletoe essential for that Christmas Kiss
A is for Angels that hang on your tree
S is for Stocking to hang from your bed and we just love this one!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

Rain Rain Go Away, Our Mission is to relax all day! Chilly Evenings, Winter Blues, not with all this you'll have a spring in your step all the way. Here is our A-Z for a Splendid Sunday

A is for Audrey why not enjoy with this magnificent Audrey Hepburn collection.

B is for Bath Time with this fabulous Philosophy set

C is for Cashmere put your tootsies in these socks for a luxurious feel all day

D is for Diamante put a bit of bling on your box, just a little bit of fun

E is for Eating Eggs, a childhood indulgence that we all still love!

F is for Fridge, liven yours up with these great magnets

G is for Gaming, let your self go with this PSP

H is for Home brighten up yours with these great letters!

I is for ipod of course

J is for Jewellery. We love this from Polly and Prince

K is for kicking the ball around, it's a sunday must but if you can't get off the sofa just eat one instead

L is for long lovely walks but don't let your ears get chilly, indulge with these muffs

M is for Me Me Me have a look at this note book

N is for Naughty but Nice fun lipgloss keeps you smelling sweet and ready for anything

O is for Open fires and cosy toes. Keep your tootsies toasty warm in these luxurious socks

P is for Pillow and this one even gives you a massage.

Q is for Queen & Country, grab a cuppa with these Union Jack Mugs

R is for Reading and this great little Gadget is simply brilliant

S is for sleeping you can use these wonderful filled Eye Mask to help you drift off to the land of nod!

T is for Throw a Cashmere Throw to boot

U is for Unity and White Roses are the symbol, these will live forever too!

V is for Vintage and this is just perfect. Tea for Two

X is the symbol for kisses, so give a kiss to whoever your snuggled up to!

Y is for Yearning for a holiday how about this one!

Z is Zebras print and this rug is just the thing

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

One for the boys!

Photo of a boy sitting in sofa
30 Days to go till Christmas if you are stuck for ideas or just can't think what to get for him this year I hope this will give you some inspiration!

Picture his day from Morning till Night and your sure to find something he needs!

For Him
He's still fast asleep in these beautiful pyjamas with his slippers
by the side of his bed. Start his day off with the gentle sounds with his new Alarm Clock and while the music is playing lets get him looking and smelling gorgeous, this set from Korres is going to be a hit. Still
in the bathroom while he is getting ready wrap him up in the fantastic dressing gown while he has a shave and splash on a bit of this scent! Now to get the look, give him this lovely Jumper and t-shirt to wear with his new socks and underwear. Some comfy cosy jeans will never be a disappointment and along with these shoes.

In the kitchen he's going to need an expresso shot to get his day started. Take the lid off the jar he either LOVES IT or HATES IT! He's looking and smelling good, he's had a shot of expresso from one of these great cups he is now ready to start the day. A quick look at his watch before he grabs his coat and leaves the house, off he goes!
A little bit of gadgetry will always please, this keeps his mind working and it's got gadget cool written all over it this e-reader is a winner every time. Look effortlessly cool with this great messenger bag, he can keep all sorts in here be it his ipod, this fun looking wallet, his diary and its nice a roomy so he can even put a scarf inside incase he gets a little chilly.

Keep him happy with this brilliant laptop, so he can upload photos from his camera or even do a little work on the go keeping him in the know at all times.

At the end of the day sit down and relax with a cocktail or two with this fab cocktail set in one of these glasses, while listening to great music with this amazing speaker. Make a fire, sit on a rug, roast chestnuts, play Backgammon, look at photos in the frame, cuddle up watch the telly or work your way through his Christmas Hamper.

Before the night draws in any of these are a great read simply books every man should have. He'd be a very lucky boy to have any one of the above ideas. Some are perfect for stocking fillers or as the Big One!


Friday, 6 November 2009

The Beautiful Bedtime

So here we are again, the weekend is upon us, can someone tell me where the week went?  It's seems to be a constant Ground Hog day here, I am not saying it's dull, boring or frustrating but a little repetitive sometimes.

However with all the trials and tribulations that unfold each day, there is one particular part of the day that I just can't help but look forward to.  Whether we have had tears or tantrums snuggling up with the children, in their beds and reading a bed time story is what makes every day worthwhile.

It's a part of growing up, its that special time when families come together, where Dad's can spend time bonding with their brood, for little imaginations to be taken to far off lands before the fall into deep slumber.  

These are my favourite bedtime stories, that I know by heart, as do my children, that I have read each and every night.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

For Great Ideas for Christmas

We all love being given a helping hand and here at MyWishWand we love to help.  We've put together some great gift ideas to inspire you this Christmas or even to add to your wishlists.  

For him there are loads of ideas, whether it is for the special one in your life,  your brother or your boss we know you'll find something. 
We've even put together a great selection of all the best experiences for those 'hard to get for' kind of people.

We're running a couple of great competitions too, which should find you in good stead for Christmas, and of course you can also send for free your letter to Santa

We've got it covered this year at MyWishWand, there is no need for you to worry about hitting the shops, grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfy and enjoy present buying in the comfort of your own home.